Das Rohr.

For 130 years, the name of Mannesmann has been synonymous with top-quality steel tubes. Our company’s history of success started in 1885 with the Mannesmann brothers and their invention of the cross-rolling process for manufacturing seamless steel tubes. Their invention paved the way for numerous technological breakthroughs – and made Mannesmann tubes world-famous.

The subsidiaries of today’s Mannesmann Division are a core element of Salzgitter AG. Every day, some 8,000 employees are continuing to write this success story, creating the world’s best tubes.

Mannesmann is

the pioneering spirit that has driven engineers and scientists around the world since the development of the seamless steel tube. At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, subatomic particles are accelerated to almost the speed of light and caused to collide in our stainless steel tubes. They are thus helping to expand the boundaries of modern physics.

Looking closely, you can see Mannesmann tubes employed in service to humanity. Everywhere. For 130 years.